About Mike Lu

I fell in love with photography in a funny way. I went on vacation with my best friend and her family and being the visitor was the one to take the pictures. Her mom had a cool DSLR camera and let me take other pictures while we were there and I was HOOKED! Couldn't stop talking about wanting a camera so my mom got me one for Christmas.

     Started off with the love for nature shots. Turned into being on the yearbook team. Initially didn't like taking pictures of people until I got to college and wanted to take it more serious. I began to love not just capturing portraits but ALL things beauty. From beautiful moments to beautiful sights. A first kiss at a wedding, to the sunset in a foreign place, to a game winning basket. This took me from someone who loved to take pictures, to becoming a Photographer.

      Now I'm an Artist. Now I create. Now it's more than just taking a picture, it's about creating moments. It's about growing my art and growing as a man along the way. Come with me on this journey.


Any donations will go to furthering my photography/creative career and will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance!

Alabama A&M University graduate

- Studio Art major 

- Graphic Design minor


- Fine Art

- Portraits

- Weddings

- Events

- Realestate 

- Sports

- Landscapes